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Atlanta Wildlife Removal Services

Bird Nest Some of the common pest we find in that can cause problems in our everyday life are raccoons, squirrels, opossum, snakes, rats and bats. These pests can cause problems ranging from chewing on wood, electrical wires, stealing your outside pets food, digging through your garbage and leaving a big mess. Bats are one of these that are considered to be more helpful than a pest. They are known to eat a lot of insects which can be very helpful during mosquito season. If you have problems with any of these wildlife in your area or home, Georgia Wildlife Removal, an Atlanta pest removal company, is prepared to help you with this problem.

Squirrel Trapping & Removal

Fluffy, quirky squirrels that dart around up and down trees are definitely fun to watch. It is a different story when they make their way in ones attic and take up residence in the roof or attic. All of a sudden they cause problems and worry and they are no longer so lovable.


Raccoon Trapping & Removal

We have the proper equipment and knowledge it takes to carry out raccoon removal services professionally and effectively. As a full service company, we offer many removal services, from structural damage restorations to raccoon exclusion and prevention services.


Bat Trapping & Removal

Bats can get into some of the strangest places. They are also quite adept at taking small openings and then nesting large numbers into cavernous areas in your home. Atlanta Bat Removal can evict these flying mammals from your home preventing them from leaving hazardous waste behind.


Rat Trapping & Removal

Rats are natures survivors, which for the rat means wonderful abilities to adapt to all sorts of living environments, but for you and your home it can mean a hard pest to get rid of. No one wants rats in their home or around their family, Let us remove the rats and the hazards from these rodents from your home.


Opossum Trapping & Removal

Opossums are ultimately pests because they use human-provided resources to survive when people would generally prefer they not. In addition to trying to find food, opossums often seek warmth and shelter in colder months, leading them to find their ways into attics, under decks and into sheds.


Snake Control

Snakes leave clues of their own. They leave sheds from their skin. If you find a snake skin, do not throw it away. We can determine if it is a poisonous snake by looking at the skin. Snakes also make a whooshing sound as they move around in the attic.


Muskrat Control

Are muskrats taking over your property? Muskrats build dams in ponds, and feed primarily on vegetation. Depending on the size of the muskrat population in your pond or lake, muskrats literally could consume all of your property's vegitation.


Bird Control

Pigeons, sparrows, crows, starlings, swallows and gulls are the most common problem birds, particularly in urban areas. Pigeons, especially, are notorious for their persistence in heavily populated communities, where ample food sources are available.


Rodent Extermination

Rodent pest control involves discouraging infestations of mice and rats as well as avoiding contact with rodents. This generally involves removing shelter, water, and food sources. This is done by first sealing holes around the home to prevent invasion.


Wildlife Exclusion

Most of these type of animals Rats, Bats, Flying Squirrels, and Grey Squirrels can get comfortable in your Atlanta attic. If you need a wildlife removal expert, we perform a wildlife exclusion to get rid of these nuisance species.


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