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Signs Indicating Rats Have Infested Your Atlanta Home

Category: Rodent Extermination

atlanta rat control expertsAs an Atlanta property owner, you have an obligation to ensure that your home or business is protected from wildlife infestations. One of the most frustrating and recurring animal control problems is a rat infestation. Whenever you believe that rats have taken up residence in your property, the first thing that you should do is contact a wildlife removal contractor for assistance.

In Atlanta, the most highly skilled and experienced wildlife control contractors are at Georgia Wildlife Removal. Their professionals can help you remove rats from your property. Their team can also put in place measures that will prevent rats from infesting your home. Lastly, they also specialize in cleanup, restoration, and repair services to help you overcome the problems associated with a rat infestation.

If you notice any of the following signs, you should call their Atlanta rat control experts immediately. They will respond quickly to your problem, inspect your property, and develop a plan to resolve all your animal infestation related problems. In the end, you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the results.

Rats and Droppings Indicate a Real Problem

This may seem obvious, but many Atlanta property owners do not understand the severity of the situation. If you see either a dead or living rat on your property, chances are that a full-blown infestation already exists. Because rats have a predisposition to hide, the fact that you have seen a rat in your home or business is indicative that space is already crowded and limited.

Likewise, because rats prefer not to be out in the open, if you find rat droppings in visible areas of your property, it is highly likely that a substantial problem exists. In either event, you should call the rat control experts at Georgia Wildlife Removal as soon as possible.

Rat Runs Indicate an Infestation

A less obvious sign that rats my be present in your home or business are rat runs. If you notice that narrow tracks have been left in grass and low vegetation around your property, these tracks may have been made by the repeated passing of rats. At Georgia Wildlife Removal, their contractors can determine if this path is in fact a rat run and from that can determine the source of the infestation.

Rodent Damage Around Your Property

Lastly, rats have a tendency to gnaw incessantly on building materials like plastic and wood. If you notice these gnaw marks or large holes in floorboards and walls, these are tell tale signs that there is a rat infestation on your property. Once again, it is always best to trust an expert with the effort of removing rats from your home or business. The Atlanta professionals at Georgia Wildlife Removal are here to help in any way that they can.

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