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Common Types of Wildlife That May Damage Your Atlanta Home

Category: Wildlife Removal


When people think Atlanta, they think big city and the life that goes with that. Of course, that means forgetting the fact that we have wildlife here too. The area that you live in may dictate what type of critters you are more likely to be facing, but either way, there is going to be some living creature that poses a potential threat to your home.

The bottom line is that wildlife has the same basic needs as any living create – food, water and shelter. All of which your home can provide for them. So, when given the opportunity, they will use your household as a resource for any of these.

Obviously, the best thing that you can do is try to prevent this from happening by blocking their chance to make entry, in the first place. However, if some living pest should breech your walls and gain access to your home, you need to have them professionally removed. Lastly, once this task is executed, it is time to let an industry expert come in an address the need for animal damage repairs.

What You Should Know & Can Expect

Let’s face the fact that having wildlife is your home is about more than being a nuisance. Aside from possibly transmitting diseases, it can also cause major damage to your home. Here are some of the common critters that you may run into here, and the kind of damage they can cause.

While we don’t get cold weather quite like our neighbors to the Northeast, we do have weather that is chilly enough. When the temperature drops, rodents like mice seek warmth, or at least a reliable resource for food. They are, as you probably realize, a disease-carrying risk and can do a number on your wiring, pipes and even brickwork. If you have spotted mouse droppings or seen evidence of chewing, call on a professional, right away.

Raccoon are known for being full of mischief, including toppling trash cans and knocking down bird feeders, in an effort to get food. However, that is nothing compared to the damage that they could potentially do to your home. They are notorious for getting into insulation and taking up residence, including leaving behind urine and feces, as well as reproducing. They are especially fond of tunneling through the ceiling in order to gain access to kitchen cabinets stocked with food.

The real concern with bats is that they can gather in large numbers, turning your attic into a colony. Although not scary as portrayed in the movies, and not as high a rabies risk as is erroneously believed, bats are best avoided, especially living in your own home. As a protected species, they must also be removed by a trained professional. The majority of damage caused by bats is by their guano, or bat excrement.

Another common pest that can rip up your attic or inside your walls is the opossum. They tend to get into places like your crawlspace and then create a path to your food pantry. Unfortunately, aside from eating what you have available, they tend to use this space as their bathroom, spoiling the food for human consumption.

Take Back Control

When you find yourself in need of wildlife removal or animal damage repairs, all you have to do is give Georgia Wildlife Removal a call. We take this line of work seriously and are glad to be able to provide the customers that we have with the results that they want, need and deserve. It’s not just about pest removal, it is about providing the means of being able to cleanup after the fact, as well as prevent future invasions.

If you even suspect that you may have a wildlife intrusion, the time to call us is now. Do not wait until the problem has gotten so bad that you have an infestation. You can reclaim your household and avoid dealing with the threat of damage or disease, by calling on us.

If you are looking for Atlanta Nuisance Wildlife Removal Professionals then please call 404.931.5578 or complete our online request form.

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