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Riverdale Rodent Pest Management ProfessionalsMice and rats can cause significant health problems even when their presence is not noticeable. They carry and can transmit diseases like salmonellosis and trichinosis (types of food poisoning), ratbite fever, ringworm and tapeworms. Their hair, urine, and feces also contaminate food and can exacerbate chronic respiratory problems like asthma and emphysema.  The rodents can also cause or worsen structural damage by burrowing and gnawing wood at a building’s entry points for pipes and wires. These areas in turn become entry points for the rodents themselves. Once rodents have made your home their Riverdale  home, though, the problem becomes a lot bigger than just how and where they get inside. You need  to have Riverdale rodent pest management professionals come take a look at the situation as possible.

Mice and rats will leave telltale signs of infestation. There will be tracks in dusty areas, signs of gnawing on wood and stored materials, and fecal droppings. Mouse feces are roughly 1/4 inch in length, and rat droppings can be as much as 3/4 inch long and 1/4 inch in diameter. You may also see a mouse or rat itself; mice are usually brown or grey with white underbellies while rats are often dark grey or black with grey or white underbellies. Rats are much bigger and have tails as long as their bodies.

Riverdale  Riverdale Pest management professionals are trained to take a three-part approach to eliminating rodent infestations. The first step is to improve sanitation in and around the rodents’ newfound habitat. Cluttered and dirty areas are favored spots for rodents, because they do not require open water sources and can survive off the moisture in the food they eat. Scraps and crumbs of food reduce the effectiveness of baits and traps, and clutter hides signs of movement.

Once sanitation is addressed, the next step is to eliminate entry points. Riverdale rodent Pest management professionals are as well suited for this step as they are for the next step (population control with pesticides, traps, etc.) because there are practically countless ways for rodents to find their way into homes. Mice can fit into holes no bigger than a dime, and rats can burrow their way into a home even if there aren’t any visible means for entry. Both can come in through the ground, through the roof, and anywhere in between. It’s a good idea to consult a Riverdale  professional even if it is just to be sure every possible entry point has been repaired, filled, covered, etc.

There are almost as many ways to kill invading rodents as there are ways for rodents to get into your home. Again, this final step in ridding a structure of mice and rats is best left to professionals. Traps, poisons, and glue boards are available at many stores, but a pest management technician will know the best – and safest – locations to put those deterrents to maximize their efficiency. They will also know which methods are not just schemes that prey on people’s fears of infestation.

If you see signs of rodents in your Riverdale  home, it is crucial to act quickly. Mice can reproduce up to 13 times a year with four to six offspring per litter. Rats reproduce no more than six times a year, but they may have up to 12 offspring in each litter. They can rapidly take over your home, eat your food, and scare off your friends. And they never – ever – pay rent.

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