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When people think Atlanta, they think big city and the life that goes with that. Of course, that means forgetting the fact that we have wildlife here too. The area that you live in may dictate what type of critters you are more likely to be facing, but either way, there is going to be […]

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It is bound to happen at some point, your home gets infiltrated with critters and you have to get them out. What surprises many people is that even living in the heart of downtown Atlanta does not make you immune to possible wildlife intrusion. What happens next is that you have to find the right […]

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As an Atlanta property owner, you have an obligation to ensure that your home or business is protected from wildlife infestations. One of the most frustrating and recurring animal control problems is a rat infestation. Whenever you believe that rats have taken up residence in your property, the first thing that you should do is […]

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Category: Muskrat Control

Mice and rats can cause significant health problems even when their presence is not noticeable. They carry and can transmit diseases like salmonellosis and trichinosis (types of food poisoning), ratbite fever, ringworm and tapeworms. Their hair, urine, and feces also contaminate food and can exacerbate chronic respiratory problems like asthma and emphysema.  The rodents can […]

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There are many aspects to Marietta wildlife damage control services. From preventative measures, to wildlife removal services, and there is fixing damage that an animal has caused. All three of these processes need a certain degree of care, and a certain degree of knowledge to be done properly. If you do not repair something properly after […]

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Rats are sneaky pests, lurking around homes waiting for the right time to chew and gnaw on something.  If you need  Acworth rat removal  you need to make sure that you get the help of professional pest control contractors. They are the experts and will always have proven methods to cure your “pesky problem”. Rats are […]

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Depending on where you live a pest may mean a lot of things. If you live in the city, pests may be limited to bed bugs, termites or small rodents. However, if you live somewhere less developed, it could mean really big rodents and really big bugs. If you have pest problems, people you know […]

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Raccoons or Procyon lotor, are often labeled as a nuisance animals. Although they are sometimes portrayed on TV as cute, furry creatures, many urban homeowners have encountered several problems involving raccoon’s. Often viewed as pests, raccoon’s have grown accustomed to living in or near human homes. They would tear roofs, destroy insulation panels and papers […]

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Category: Snake Control

Getting rid of snakes in your Atlanta yard can be a nightmare, but there are some techniques that can really work. While some snake repellents are tried with crossed fingers sometimes they don’t always help. But there are some things you can do to achieve the goal of ridding snakes, or at least reducing them before contacting […]

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These fluffy quirky creatures that dart around up and down trees are definitely fun to watch. It is a different story when they make their way in ones attic and take up residence in the roof or attic. All of a sudden they cause problems and worry and they are no longer so lovable. The […]

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