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Read testimonials, client comments, and reviews for Georgia Wildlife Removal, your professional wildlife removal company providing solutions such as Atlanta raccoon removal, snake control, attic decontamination and more.

"The Georgia Wildlife Removal team has done work for me on two different occasions both times with outstanding results. Last year my husband and I discovered several holes in our garage walls and called Georgia Wildlife Removal to come and investigate. They responded immediately and sent someone to our home promptly that same day. Thankfully they were able to identify the problem areas, seal the home and get rid of the rodents ASAP! The second time we used this company we had recently purchased a new home and unfortunately heard scratching in our attic. We did not even hesitate in calling Georgia Wildlife Removal for a second time and received the same great service as the first experience. They are efficient, use the best quality products and do outstanding work, we haven't had problem since! We would highly recommend using this company."

- Katie King | Rated 3 / 3

"Brandon and his crew are true professionals. They did a great job and really take pride in their work. I would gladly use them again in the future."

- Ryan Taylor | Rated 3 / 3

"I'm a city boy who moved to the south with no experience or exposure to wild animals. So when the idea that I might have racoons living in my attic became a possibility I knew I needed help. No one that I knew could offer much advise so I went to my friend Google. I perused several websites until I came upon Georgia Wildlife Removal.

The site was well laid out and all the info I was looking for was on the opening pages. They said they could not only capture and remove racoons but also make my home racoon-proof. That sounded good to me so I decided to give them a call. I liked the fact that they gave me straight answers and a no nonsense price over the phone. I made an appointment for a free inspection. My man Gary came out that morning.

He confirmed my worst fears. I had racoons in living in my attic. I had seen one on my upper deck months ago and wondered not only "how" it got up there but "why" it was up there. Now I know. Gary and his team went to work right away and performed a "racoon exclusion" on my home.

He showed me where the "break-in" occurred and sealed it up so the racoons couldn't get back in my home. Within days he captured a family of 4 racoons that kept returning to my home and trying to get back into my attic. He also confirmed that my attic was racoon free.

My wife and I sleep much better at night now. There are no more funny noises coming from the attic or the backyard. Georgia Wildlife Removal is the real thing! No hidden fees. No double talk. Just great results for your money."

Thank you Georgia Wildlife Removal!

- Oliver Brown | Rated 3 / 3

Simply amazing business! The first step was making a phone call to Georgia Wildlife, I had searched around and everyone else told me they would have to cut into my walls( done by an outside contractor, which was another expense added) and get the squirrels out of my attic. I called five places and Georgia Wildlife was actually the fifth call I made and I am glad I did. Johnathan(he is extremely handsome by the way), the gentleman that came out to my house to give me an estimate and to also look at what was going on was a nice and kindhearted person. The best part about the assessment was that he took pictures of where the squirrels were and he showed me every hole and crawl space the squirrels were coming in through.Georgia wildlife never tried to swindle me like the other companies did and I truly appreciate that. When Johnathan came to get the job done and set the traps he did his job well and never rushed to do it, he always made sure he double checked the traps and the metal nets he used to cover the outside holes. A great bonus to the removal is that he sprayed a non-toxic antibacterial to destroy odors and anything else that the squirrels left behind. The three follow up assessments also help put my mind at ease because in that time he came back to check the traps and to also check if there were any new holes outside my house. I highly recommend calling Georgia Wildlife Removal because they are a great legitimate business and also licensed."

- Kudzu Review | Rated 3 / 3

Prompt and responsive service - very knowledgeable and professional - would highly recommend them for pest removal. They went above and beyond. Thank you Brandon and Gary!

- Maggie M. | Rated 3 / 3

Danny was nice, informative, polite, etc........ He performed all tasks in an upbeat happy manner, was respectful, and professional throughout. I am satisfied with his work and he informed me of everything he was going to do before doing it.

- Greg B. | Rated 3 / 3

We chose GA Wildlife Removal because they seemed very knowledgeable and honest in their explanation of our situation. We felt we could trust them to take care of out problem.

- Amy R | Rated 3 / 3

I am pleased with the timeliness of starting the job. My husband and I appreciate the professionalism and courtesy of Brandon and Jonathan. We were quite upset about our squirrel problem; but our worries were calmed by Georgia Wildlife Removal.

- Emily T | Rated 3 / 3

"After several nights of hearing loud shuffling, banging and scraping noises coming from our attic, I decided to call a critter control company to come out and take a look. I am so glad I chose Georgia Wildlife Removal! They were quick, courteous, professional and knowledgeable.

Brandon and his colleague Danny came out to the house immediately after I contacted them to do an initial inspection, and found evidence of a family of raccoons living in our attic. They were very good at showing my husband and I the areas in the attic where the raccoons had been getting in, and all the places where they had made nests out of our insulation. After discussing the necessary steps it would take to remove the animals and decontaminate/restore our attic, we had an estimate drawn up and sent to our insurance company.

Brandon worked with our claims adjuster directly to provide all of the necessary paperwork, and while that was being processed, Danny trapped and removed the nuisance raccoons.

After almost daily visits to make sure that no other animals were hiding out in the attic, the team confirmed we were good to begin decontamination and repair work. We have a one-year old son, so I was very concerned about the safety of the disinfectant that was used, as well as the fiberglass content in the new insulation going into the attic. Brandon explained that Georgia Wildlife uses the safest & highest-quality products available on the market, and now our family can rest easy knowing that the attic is clean, sealed tight to keep any new “intruders” out, and fresh new high-quality insulation is in-place."

Thanks so much to the whole team!

- Kerry A. | Rated 3 / 3

Hi Brandon, Just wanted to say you thank you for the awesome service! It was a pleasure to meet and work with both you and Gary. From the moment I met with Gary, I trusted him and I knew that I wouldn't mind having him working in/around my house. He was very knowledgable, professional, well spoken and not pushy. I obtained quotes for exclusion, squirrel removal and new gutters from several other companies and not only was I more comfortable with you and Gary, your quote was more competitive. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

- Shea | Rated 3 / 3

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